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Study Hard or Smart Study..??

Well, I am writing this blog to make all my reader understand the difference between Study Hard and Smart Study.

Study Hard means to do Hard work in order to good result. The activities involved in this is to remember the things, reading and writing on paper, long hours of study etc.

Smart Study means to use the smartness in study to get right result. This involved to understand the thing, applying logic, having the clearness in mind etc.


Now Let me go to somewhat depth in this topic

Study Hard means to Live in-side

Smart Study means to Think Out-of Box

Study Hard means to think How to do

Smart Study means to Think Why to do

Study Hard gives you good life in society

Smart Study gives you how to live indepentely

Study Hard makes you Stay narrow focus

Smart Study makes your vision broader

Whatever your age (10 or 24) may be, Now Its your time to decide what to do??

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