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About us

LJ Projects is the initiative by the student to help other students and Project Training. Students who are in the final year are confused and tired due to their final year project. LJ Projects is a venture to make learning most curious by expanding the all possible applications of technology and modern ideology of education in learning. To achieve this goal our core effort is to understand the fundamentals of Project and to develop a concept that involves student’s curiosity in exploring knowledge.


 Here we are going help the help student by providing them

1. Project Definitions for every field

2. Project Presentation Material

3. Sample Projects with all Kind of paper work

4. Project Guidance.

5. Project Training and Mentoring.

We are doing our maximum effort to help you.



We are trying to help students of different field like

1. Pharmacy

2. MBA

3. MCA

4. BSc

5. Architecture

6. B.E/B.Tech Engineerings 

7. M.E/M.Tech etc.


Our endeavor Story

It is rightly said that “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and we are proud to say that LJ Project is also the child of one Ideas meet & Innovation is executed. It happened few years back. These were bright students of their schools. But as new breed of ENGINEERS, as they were busy enjoying life, they were considered good for nothing individuals in their colleges


One time day they realised that they were lagging behind in this fiercely competitive world This realisation ignited a life - altering spark in them. They set out to seek the reason - why students lack interest in studies ? The survey helped them to know that the system of teaching - learning should be aided by modern technology bringing in the quotient; that EDUCATION + ENTERTAINMENT = EDUTAINMENT results in real understanding of concept. These ignited mind then expaied the conclusion of their survey to the management of their colleges. The college Management of were proud about this path-breaking findings & promised every support. This boosted the moral of the young adults & they invented ways to make learning more creative & entertaining. By the graces of good & trust and support of people.


LJ Project is guiding institutions to develop real talent & skillful learners


About LJK


Lok Jagruti Kendra (LJK) is a charitable Trust and registered society. It was founded in the year 1980 by eminent academicians and professionals and distinguished personalities from across the society.


L.J. stands for ‘Lok’ (people) and ‘Jagruti’ (awareness). L.J firmly believes in bringing about overall development of people. L.J. aims to develop its students into complete citizens who not only have the subject knowledge but also have the empathy towards various social, cultural, environmental and other such issues affecting our society. L.J. philosophy is firmly grounded in values such as honesty, transparency, camaraderie, solidarity and unity.


It was the dream of Prof. B. M. Peerzada, an eminent economist and former Dean, Commerce Faculty Gujarat Univerity,to establish world class professional system of education and research to meet educational needs of students not only from Gujarat, but from across India as well as from other countries.

Today, this dream has become a reality in the shape of the L.J. Group of Institutes comprising 19 institutes offering diverse range of programmes from diploma programmes to undergraduate to postgraduate to professional programmes, and functioning from three campuses in Ahmedabad, with over 500 well-qualified and experienced faculties to train over 10000 students drawn from across Gujarat




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