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Guidelines-M.E/M.Tech Research

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Here are a few guidelines for the selection for Research topic for M Tech and PhD Thesis:

  • It's almost impossible to come up with a completely new idea. Every discovery or research depends on existing methodologies or technology. The existing technology or theory can be revolved in an innovative way to make it applicable for the new problem. So, for the research never ever select any hypothetical topic. Aim for a precise result that no one has achieved ever. Apply an innovative methodology in the existing technology to contribute to the technology. The methodology should be new to the problem statement addressed in the research.

  • For the research you must be choose a precise subject i.e. VLSI from ECE, Digital image processing form CSE etc. Read some standard papers from IEEE journals, Springer, IJRASET, UGC Approved Journals and many reputed International Journals to find about the work going on in the topic selected by you.

  • Be aware of the resources and tools you have for your research.

  • Never sit and wait for one specific idea, instead gather several ideas no matter if this look likes to be crazy at first. Once you are opted with a number of ideas you have to select a precise out of those. Collect fine data before going for implementation and facilitate yourself with the resources in the main phase that you are going to use in the implementation.

  • Consider multiple thoughts for the topic selection for your M Tech and PhD thesis eliminate the out-of-dated after studying the research papers and go for the unique one before initiating the implementation. PhD research is the utmost level of educational research conducted in universities and institutes throughout the World. The results from the research have to be unique for PhD research.

There are many methods has been created such as scientific methodologies have been created to ensure the security and individuality of PhD research and to secure stability in research results. The most often employed methodology is quantitative methods, qualitative methods, comparative methods and clinical trials also.

Some important guiding principle to write a successful PhD proposal.

In our research whenever we think of doing the research we always think of doing something innovative but when we come for real implementation of the idea we found only few things have done in our M Tech and PhD dissertation research The few things which done usually during M Tech and PhD seems to be unique.

“Being associate M Tech and PhD or PhD Students you mostly search for organization having good technical individuals, organization ought to have researchers having combination of B.Tech, M Tech and PhD degrees. because in our perception knowing only writing doesn’t fulfil your necessities, if you associate with an individual having just Network Security, Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, VANET, MANET, NS-2, Data analysis, Wireless communications, Signal Processing, Networking, Image Processing and Soft Computing with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Optimization etc. writing skills then you're wasting some time further as cash. Always keep in mind analysis doesn’t want a particular quite writing skills or only a particular tool to proceed however a transparent approach.”


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