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Zero Energy Building 


In this project, we have constructed a residential house which produces energy by itself & used for the consumption simultaneously. By the use of solar panels & wind mill the energy is produced. The usage of that energy is done for consumption of electricity for the particular household. The electricity produces which is used for the consumption of tube lights, fans, refrigerators, etc. The design principle has been achieved a Zero Energy Building (ZEB) or Net Zero Energy Building (Net ZEB). This project analyzes the change of embodied energy compared to the decrease of the energy use  related  to  building  operation;  by  literature  review  and  detailed  analysis , taking the step from a low energy building to a Net ZEB. 



Sagar Umeshbhai Mahidadiya, Rohit Kanjibhai Suthar,

Brijraj Abhaysingh Chauhan, Brijesh Pravinbhai Patel


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