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The traditional cooking method involves Chula with 3 bricks. Our design utilizes energy to cook simultaneously on two vessels and it also consists of a chimney of the height 4 feet. The structure which is close to chimney, second hole can be used to cook food which required less heat and there is heat box below second hole which keeps food warm for 2 to 3 hours. The selection of materials of the Chula is such that we have included cement, sand and also fly ash as one of the composites which has high heat conductivity. Heat from burnt gases will be utilized to cook and also give heat to the heat box to keep food warm. It is constructed like a gas stove so thatwe can make a food both sided on stove and it does not produce any smoke while burning while making food.It is prevents lots of diseases like asthma and eye pain.

Student name 

Name of Student : Jwel Chauhan

Contact Number : 9173706554

Institute : L.J. Polytechnic

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