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Wax Pouring Machine



In India, The Problems of electricity occurs in many major cities as well as villages. The companies are using generators for their production, but the towns, housing societies, stores etc. are using candles for lightning. In today’s machinery, the candle producing machinery there is wastage of high wax as cavity occurs. So, this is a small step to try to improve this situation. This project describes the new innovation in this machinery known as “waxing pouring machine”. Under this project, there is production of candles at very high rate without wastage of wax. This model is a chamber of stainless steel. Wax is melt in the chamber by heater. Gel wax or paraffin wax is used to producing candles. Wax is available in solid in market. Wax melt by heat and that melted wax pour in mould or glass.




Anshuman Bipinbhai Patel, Deep Shaileshbhai Chitaliya, Pujan Subhashchandra Thakker, Yash Dilipbhai Gohel


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