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Water Treatment Plant


Water whether from underground or surface sources found underground or surface sources found in nature are polluted. The pollution may be due to various reasons namely sewage, industrial wastes, or from natural contaminants. Such water is supplied directly without treatment may not be used by the consumers due to psychological reasons. Waterborne epidemic may spread by supply of such water. Natural water may also contain high amount of turbidity, organic load from decaying leaves, vegetations or animals. Minerals in solution or suspension form may contaminate water. It is therefore, necessary to subject any type of water to contain suitable processes of purification rendering it safe for human consumption, pleasing to the senses and suitable for ordinary domestic and industrial uses.




Hemangi Anilbhai Patel, Hemali Anilbhai Patel, Surbhi Nishitbhai Vyas, Unnati Bhupendrabhai Suthar


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