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Water Tank With Innovative Materials (Ferrocement)


     There is growing awareness of the advantages of this technique of construction all over the world. It is well known that conventional Reinforced concrete are too heavy, brittle, cannot be satisfactory repaired if damaged, developed cracks and reinforcements are liable to be corroded. Above disadvantages of normal concrete make it inefficient for certain types of work. Ferrocement is a relatively new material consisting of chicken wire meshes and cement mortar. Ferro cement container can be used as gas holder unit in gober gas plant. It can be used in boat building. Ferrocement manhole cover is becoming very popular to replace cast iron manhole cover. 1/10 weight is reduced in Ferrocement instead it is used in RCC manhole cover. Thickness of water tank is approx 1.45 inch and diameter is 600 mm, height 2' x 2' ft.



Jainam Harehbhai Shah, Priten Jignesh Bhai Shah,

Sarang Manishbhai Trivedi


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