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Video Database(VDb)





The media(High resolution) uploaded into cloud input bucket will be converted to a number of different links,each link will have a format of the video.Each link will be again converted into different resolutions . the user can access the uploaded data through their application or website.the website or application will fetch the user bandwidth information and figure out the formate and the resolution most appropriate for them and feed it back cloud to bucket from where application or webstie will fetch and stream it for user to enoy .

User can enjoy various fuctionalities of this project like ,liking the video,commenting and rating the video,and also a feature where user can view a video offline.Also some basic features like playing,pausing and fast-forwarding the video will be  available to user.User will create an account in the application or the website

which can be linked to various platforms like facebook &Google.Also usrer will get trending recommendations based on data mining.The users will also be provided with personalized recommendations based on their previos actions or visits to a particular video or series.Description ofeach video will be provided in the page.users can share the videos on various social media websites like Facebook,twitter,Google plus etc.


Group Members: Lay Shah,Bhumit Sheth,jay Bhimani,Parth Contractor

Faculty Guide:Prof.Ajay Upadhyaya

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