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Thread Cycle


This project focuses on Mechanical two wheeler Tread Cycle. The modeling of this dynamic system will be achieved with both simplicity and usability. Mechanical two wheeler Tread Cycle offers great vehicle riding and instantaneous technique to ride this cycle with Tread Belt, Rollers and Chain Mechanism which drives the rear wheel. The average speed ratio depends on the steps taken on the tread belt which is multiplied by 3 and implies on rear wheel as a ratio of 1:3. It is pollution free as no fuel is required to drive this vehicle.” Just walk your step and enjoy the ride.




Manthan Jigneshbhai Modi, Dhairya Sanjeevbhai Shah, Darshan Pankajkumarvyas, Saurabh Mukeshbhai Gohel, Yash Bhavesh Bhai Mehta


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