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Touch Sensitive Alarm


This research focuses on detection of unauthorized access to residential and commercial buildings when the residents are far away from the access gate of the house. The system is a simple and reliable touc h activated security system and uses sensor technolog
y to revolutionize the standards of living. The sys tem provides a best solution to most of the problems faced by house owners in their daily life. Due to its simple electronic omponents nature, it is more adaptable and cost-effective. The system is divided in
to three units; the power supply unit which employs the use of both DC battery and mains supply to ensure constant power supply to the circuit, the trigger unit which is responsible for activating the alarm unit and designed to have much time and period and moder
ate sensitivity in order to reduce the rate of false alarm, and the alarm amplitude unit which main function is to produce amplitude alarm sound when triggered by the trigger unit with the aim of producing a large audible sound that can alert the entire neighborhood or scare an intruder away. The design of the system was achieved by considering some
factors such as economy, 


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