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Table Tennis Automatic Ball Throwing Machine



This project aims at developing a table tennis automatic ball throwing machine which would be helpful to table tennis player to practice even without any opponent. We are making this machine because many people want to play table tennis but can’t find opponent with equivalent or higher skills. The basic principle of this machine is to throw the ball towards the player. It is made with different features like spin, swing and throws the ball at different speeds. The machine can throw the ball in different direction and at different angles automatically. And this machine is portable so it’s easy to transport. This machine can be operated by two ways one with battery and another directly on AC power from supply. The main parts which are used in this machine are wheel which grip the ball and throws it, Motors with different RPM and Arduino Controller which vary speed of the motors.





Darshan, Arpit Patel, Dharmik Somani, Nigam Pandya, Milan Patel, Deep Shah


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