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Sustainable Slab  





The Sustainable slab (SS) is a floor(roof) system and it is a revolutionary method of virtually eliminating the concreate from the middle of conventional slab.this concreate dose not perform any structural fuction there by reducing structural dead weight by spherical ball and steel directly .SS uses hollow sphrical ball made by recycled plastic .ss has  two  dimensional arrangements of voids within the slab to reduce self- weight.

this method reduces material consumption and enables faster construction.The SS allows longer span between supports.Concreate dead weight  decrease by 30-35% of total slab weight which reduces co2 emissions and energy.this is also beneficials for cost and construction. This method is best for the earthquake resistance building .This new prefabricated construction technology is applied is many industrial projects across the world.


Group Members: Darshan Panchal



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