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In Today’s Competitive World Mental Stress Is Acute Problem. As A Result Insomnia Is Occurring All Over The World. The Lack Of Restful Sleep Can Affect Our Ability To Carry Out Daily Responsibilities. In Most Of The Cases People Use Heavy Dose Drug To Get Rid Of This Problem Which Is Very Harmful For Human Body. Sleep Comforter Is The Convenient Option To Induce The Sleep Without Using Harmful Sleeping Pills Using Electromagnetic Field And Sound Therapy With An Additional Benefit Of Comfortable Shape. The Sleep Comforter Has Following Benefits:

1) Electromagnetic Field Generator With The Help Of Circuit We Are Producing The Electromagnetic Waves Which Are Mimicking The Mechanism Of Normal Sleep Waves. In Insomnia Patients, The Frequency Of The Sleep Waves Is Very Low As Compared To Normal Sleep Waves. As A General Rule, When Two Similar Frequencies Are Overlapped On Each Other, The Amplitude Of The Frequency Is Increased By Double. The Frequency Of Electromagnetic Waves Will In-crease The Amplitude Of The Sleep Wave By Overlapping On To The Sleep Waves Of Insomniac Condition. Thus, These Waves Are Helpful To Initiate The Sleep In Insomnia Patients By Matching The Frequency Of The Normal Sleep Waves.

2) Comfortable Pillow Shape We Often Experience Neck Pain, Which Is Often The Cause Of Disturbed Sleep. Sleep Comforter Is Especially Designed To Alleviate The Discomfort. Its Unique Shape Provides Firm Support To The Neck, Reducing The Muscle Stiffness And Shoulder Tension And Hence Giving A Better Posture During Sleep.

3) Sound Therapy Sound Therapy Is Beneficial In The Following Way: Reduces Stress Relax Body Fall Asleep Faster More Deeper Sleep


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