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Room Heater



This project is about room heater. The main aim of this is to obtain efficient heat using less power consumption and less cost. The heat is produced upto 40 °C using 500 watt electricity and it is automatically cut off when temperature raises upto 35°C in room and 80 °C in heater box through sensor. Compare to other heater this room heater is more efficient and less electricity consumed. In winter many people die due to cold stroke. So this kind of mini room heater is helpful for the people at very low cost. 





Aakash Asheshkumar Shah, Venkatesh Shanker Bhai Tade, Pavan Jagdishbhai Champewala, Vikas Ramanuj Upadhyay, Vypail Sandeepbhai Patel, Prathiv Satyen Bhai Chudasama


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