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It is about the controlling of the home appliances with the help of remote control. Whenever the remote control works as the transmitter; the circuits of the IR sensor and IC 4015 act as receiver section. Whenever we press any button of remote of TV, AC, DVD etc. it will generate the IR (Infrared Frequency) and transmit in the wireless medium. The receiving circuit will receive that frequency with the help of IR sensor and that pulse is given to the IC 4015 where it will change the state of the output signal, which is given to the relay circuits and according to the switching pulse to the relay, it will start and stop the device. We can also use this type of prototype using Bluetooth and wireless GSM technology.


(EC Engineering Sem-4: Mehul Shrivastav, Rahul Soni, Pratik Zaveri, Ashima Mishra)


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