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Water Heater


It is a device which can boil the fooding materials and also give a hot water by electric power. Anyone can make anything at their home by themselves without any problem.  It is a type of sort boiler which we can carry anywhere & use it. It consumes less power compared to other type of boiler machine. It is compact in size.


Easy Thermocol Cutter


This is a device through which anyone cut thermocols in any shape as per their requirements without using any type of cutter system. It will not cause any damage to the user. We can give different shapes to the thermocols. Special complicated shape can also be give by this type of cutter. It can cut upto 150 mm thickness of thermocols sheet. In this system we used hot wire to cut the thermocols.


Power Producing Tree


Now a days as we all know that no one uses the original flower pots for decoration. Everyone has started using plastic decoration materials. So we thought if we create a model which can produce electricity & that can be used for small battery charging such as power bank, etc. So we created a showpiece which can produce electricity & looks good as a decoration material.



Vaibhav Satishbhai Barad, Smit Yatishbhai Chothani,

Kirtan Anilbhai Deshani, Keyur Vinubhai Bharwad

Rahul Lalitbhai Chauhan (Civil-Sem2)

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