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Videos for Physics



 Architectural Acoustics



lec1:Introduction of acoustics




Crystal Physics



lec1:Crystalline Solids

lec2:Space Lattice


lec3:Number of Atoms in a Unit cell


lec4:Miller indices


lec 2 : Introduction to lasers






lec 1 :ND : YAG laser


lec 3 : Spontaneous Emission 


lec 4: stimulated emission


lec 1 :Generation of pOlyphase Voltages


lec 2 : 3phase System 


 lec 1 :Electric switches


lec2:System of wiring



# Electrical Wiring# 



lec 2 : First Aid - Electric Shock


lec1:Electrical Safety



#Safety & protection#



lec3:How To Use A Multimeter


lec 4 : Fuse Working


lec 5 : MCB Working



# Electrostatics & Capacitance#



lec : 1 Electrostatic


lec 2:Types of capacitors


lec3: Series, parallel combination of capacitors


lec 4 : Charging & Discharging of capacitors


lec 5 : Energy stored in capacitors



#Single Phase A.C. Circuits#


lec1:Generation of Alternating Voltages & Currents


lec2:Addition and Subtraction of Vectors


lec3:Phasor Relation Between Voltage and Current 


lec4:Capacitance and Inductance



# Batteries, Cables, Illumination#


lec1:Different types of Lamps


lec2 : fixturws &reflectors


lec 3: Battery Workings


lec 4 : Charging and Discharging of Battery


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