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Portable Server [Windows & Linux]

Using TMG we can provide internet in the network. We can control our internet speed using TMG. We can provide high speed to particular website which most require and cut down speed for particular web site which is not so important. We can apply firewall using TMG. It also provides Intrusion Detection System. We can balance the network load using TMG.


PHP Server on Mobile

It is a web server for PHP that is installed, configured on any android mobile & runs from mobile. It allows running any application developed in PHP from that server. Using this, we can use that application from server remotely either using WLAN or using LAN with router.


Anti Virus Server

It has antivirus software (server edition) that manages & protects itself as well the clients of the network handled by that server. The interface that manages all this is called Endpoint Security Manager. It remotely installs the antivirus client edition on end points while adding them into server interface. It includes technologies like: wake on LAN, LAN shut down n restart, remote access of all client, SANDBOX [blocking any application on client], in built HIPS.


Host Intrusion Prevention System [HIPS]

HIPS is the prevention system on security breach. IDS rings the alarm and alert the user when the computer security breach, so that user can take immediate action to prevent system. It may be possible some of the data may be stolen or breached while user is taking action to prevent. HIPS work on network that prevent intruder to breach into network, so that intruder cannot access any data of any user computer. HIPS is applied on the server of a network which actually prevents the intruder. Hence it is called Host Intrusion Prevention System. (All six projects developed by CE-IT Sem-6 & Alumni: Harmanjyot Bhatia, Prathmesh Soni, Ravi Patel, Ram Shivam, Prabhatkumar Mehta, Vishal Oza along with Faculties  Rahul Pancholi, Alpesh Thesiya, Nilesh Vaghela, Amit Shah)

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