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Model Of Construction Of Road By Scrap Rubber Tyres


Due to overall project, new roads are being constructed, and the ever increasing population has raised the vehicular density from last few decades. The wear and tear of tires from these vehicles is undoubted. So a large number of scrap tires are being generated. A large number of waste and worn out tires are already in existence and with an annual generation rate of 15-20% each year. The used tires pose a great threat to human health and environment, since they are non-biodegradable; the waste tire rubber has become a problem of disposal.


The Waste tire rubber appears to possess the potential to be partially added in bitumen, providing a recycling opportunity. If Waste or used tire rubber can be added in bitumen for improving the properties, and disposing off the tires, thus the environmental gains can be achieved. The waste tires can be used as well sized aggregate in the various bituminous mixes if it is cut in the form of aggregate and can be called as rubber aggregate



Jaymin Kanaiyalal Prajapati, Harsh Ashvinbhai Korat,

Sunil Narsing Bhai Vasava, Jigar Nareshbhai Suthar


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