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Videos for Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra



Vectors in Rn


lec1:Introduction to the Line Integral


lec2:Determining the Angle Between Two Vectors


lec3:Introduction to Vectors




lec5:Directional Derivatives


lec6:Divergence 1


lec7:Curl 1

lec8:Green's Theorem


Determinants and rank of a matrix in terms of determinants


lec:1: Adjoint of a Matrix


lec2:Rank of Matrix by Normal Form


lec3:Cramers rule


lec4:Introduction of Deteterminants


lec5:Introduction to the matrix


lec6:Rank of Matrix by Row Echelon


lec7:Reduced Row Echelon Form


Inner product spaces


lec1:Inner product space


lec2:Linear Transformation


lec3:Rank Nullity Theorem


lec:4 The Gram-Schmidt Process


Systems of linear equations




lec1: Gauss Elimanation


lec2: Gauss Jordan 

lec3:Homogenous Equation


lec4: Inverse of matrix 

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors


lec1:Introduction to Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors


lec5:The matrix of quadratic form


lec2:Method of Finding Eigenvectors


lec3:Cayley Hamilton Theorem


lec6:An Introduction to Quadratic Function


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lec4:Diagonalization of Matrices


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