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Videos for Calculus 



Review of limits , Continuity and Differentiability


lec1:Introduction to limits


lec2:Limit at a point of discontinuity


lec3:Determining which limit statements are true


lec4:Limit Property


lec5:One sided limits From graphs


Maxima and Minima


lec1:Minima,Maxima and critical points


lec2:Testing critical points for local extreama


lec3:Illistration of maxima and minima


lec4:Minimizing sum of Squares


Differentiation and its Applications


lec1:Derivative as Slope of a tangent line


lec2 Introduction to L'hospital's Rule


lec3:Leibnitz Theorem


Improper Integrals




lec1:Introduction to integral Calculus


lec2:Triple Integrals

lec3:Double Integral


lec4: Inverse of matrix 

Taylor's series


lec1:maclaurin's theorem


lec5:Cosine Taylor Series at 0


lec2:Taylor's theorem


lec3:Maclaurin Theorem Example


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lec4:Taylor's Theorem Examples


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