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The project title is Learn Gujarati. People can know about Gujarati language which is very useful for them. At somewhere they need to talk in Gujarati so they can easily talk after referred this application. For that no need to refer any books so it saves time, money, effort and gives satisfaction to the people. There are many applications in market like Learn English, Learn Spanish, Learn French but Learn Gujarati is not there which can learn from very scratch. There are many people who want to Learn Gujarati but there is no any application available which can teach Gujarati from beginner level, for that we have decided to make this application which is actually needed. The purpose of the application is that people don’t need to refer any Book or Tutor, no need to pay money for it. Our application is available in iTunes Store to get the knowledge of Gujarati Language which is very useful for people. The scope of the application is mostly required by Non Gujarati’s and Tourist people. It can be useful in K.G. Schools.

Student name 

Name of Student : Thakkar Mehul

Contact Number : 8141198598

Institute : L.J. Institute of Engineering & Technology


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