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Intelligent Camera Using Raspberry PI


Security is a big concern in our day to day life. Security devices are used in areas like Schools/Colleges, MNC's, Parking, Home automation etc. Intelligent Camera detection using Raspberry Pi board is a smart device
which is used for detection of any object by using PIR(Passive-Infrared) motion Sensor. And recording the video using when any motion is present.
This device is used to recording the video when any motion is detected or temperature varies above some pre-defined level.
PIR is a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor is used to detect human or any motion is present or not. When any motion is present its temperature varies above the pre-determined level and the Camera is used to record the video,
and when there is no motion the temperature is below the pre-defined level so
the camera is cut-off.
This saves the memory of the device and hence, smart detection. Infect every human, animals or object will emit the infrared rays in motion so this device is used to sense humans as well as other objects.


Student name 

ajmera kalpit arvindbhai

agrawal mihir 

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