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Industry And Home Based Smart Security

System using Raspberry PI


Security is a Prima Concern in Our Day to Day Life Everyone Wants to be Secure as much possible.
          In this Project We are Utilizing internets for Home and industry automation. We will build Server based application through which we can control home and industry appliances using Raspberry pi.
         As internet is accessed through any Smartphone, we can also control the appliances through Smartphone. Moreover for security purpose We are using Webcam for industry appliances surveillance.         
         Our project is also helpful as an energy saver. If a  person forget to switch off his appliances while going out of his home, than he can able to switch off appliances by just clicking on/off button from his Smartphone via internet.project is an cost efficient product. We are going to use an internet connectivity for updates of site thereby reducing an cost of mobile sms. 


Student name 

patel amit jitendrabhai

sitapara bakul kalidas

shah vatsal bhavinbhai

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