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Hydraulic Crane Arm


A hydraulic system is a type of transmission system, which uses the hydraulic fluid under pressure to drive the hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic systems are safety critical on cranes. By the use of the mechanism safety is stressed along with sound maintenance and reliability practices. With force multiplication it is convenient to adjust the amount of force of the driving system by design. This is again useful in auto and airplane applications. Very large amount of power can be transferred with hydraulic systems via small tubes and hoses that are flexible. By the use of this system crane arm can hang the very large amount of load with very less effort. 



Nishith Hareshbhai Panchal, Pratik Narendra Bhai Patel, Upendra Rajesh Kumar Pandey, Jay Jitendra Bhai Patel, Ravi Rashikbhai Patel, Vishal Chandubhai Nagar


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