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The HPTLC machine is instrument in which we give a all manual process in one step at one time.In this we arrange many process on one conveyor belt. In process first step is for silica plate preparation. in this step we have done first put droplets of silica slurry on glace plate in next step we spread this slurry by 'V' shape spreader. The next step is Drying in this we dry this plate. Second step is accurate sampling on TLC plate. this step is semi automatic or fully automatic. Third step is to developing the TLC plate. In this we arrange developing chamber at end of conveyor belt so plate is automatic fall in developing chamber and develop it. This model was very useful at laboratory scale for development and separation of various phyto-constituents and synthetic chemical matures. it is very cost effective, time saving and may replace industrial scale HPTLC machine. this machine is most commonly used by pharma industry, chemical industry, food industry, agriculture industry and many other industry.


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