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HANDICARE - Device for Special  Hands


This Is A Vehicle Designed For Handicap Person Who has Disability In Their Legs, This Handicapped Vehicle Can Be Propelled By Wiggling The Front Steering Wheel Which Is Attached To Two Pivoting Wheels Touching The Ground. It Harnesses The Natural Forces Of Inertia, Centrifugal Force, Gravity, And Friction In Order To Drive The Car Forward And Backward. It Does Not Require A Power Source Such As Batteries, Fuel, Pedals, Or Gears - It Simply Runs On The Person’s Ability To Wiggle The Steering Wheel. It Can Be Operated Indoors And/or Outdoors, Though It Works Best On A Smooth, Flat Surface. The Aerodynamic Shape Of It Gives Better Speed. More Comfortable For Handicap Person To Sit On It Because It Has Less Ground Clearance Distance. This Device Is Also Comparatively Cheaper And Durable Than Other Handicap Vehicles And Wheelchair. The idea of the project was suggested by Darshita Shah, Special officer, Handicap Foundation, Ahmedabad. It has already been sold to 40 users so far.

Name of Student : Vishrut Bhatt

Contact Number : 8866360052

Institute : LJ Polytechnic

Name of Student : Sumanth Mudaliar

Contact Number : 8905926671

Institute : LJ Polytechnic

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