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In green house effect the heat of sun rays absorb by CO2, methane etc gases. The Green house effect is created in the wooden box. Sun rays are reflected by the use of reflector to generate maximum temperature in the wooden box. Now, the water in the box will convert into steam due to heat energy of the sun. Steam will be utilized to run the steam engine. A dynamo is attached with flywheel of steam engine. Hence electricity will generate. By using one reflector 9 watt electricity can be generated. Battery can charge to use electricity at night. The simplicity of green house power plant makes it usable in rural areas due to availability of ease of component. Both electricity and cooking can be done in green house power plant.


(Mechanical Engineering Sem-6: Virat Dholakiya, Ashutosh Brahmbhatt, Dhruv Chudasama, Varun Chauhan, Yash Limbuwala)

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