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FRP Structure (Fibre House)


Fiber Reinforced Plastic is composite material of polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The fiber usually glass, carbon, basalt although others fiber such as paper or wood or asbestos have been sometimes used, But we think, we can implement FRP structure for purpose of Industrial and residential. Our need of the study is to improving strength & stability of fiber structure and at where the government is does not permit to construct the R.C.C structure, that site we can construct this FRP structure. This FRP structure is fire proof, water proof, &wind resistant. We are study in detail about fiber material, fiber structure or that‘s different kind of property. We can easily construct this FRP structure and also easily transport place to another place. We can say this structure is folding structure. Our AIM is provide high strength in structure. In future this structure is may be used for multistoried building.




Vaibhavi Kirit Kumar Shah, Kruti Jayeshbhai Parekh,

Rishil Sudhir Bhai Patel


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