Forward Reverse Speed Of D.C. Motor


This is a simple circuit runs a DC motor in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and stop s using a single switch. It provides a constant voltage for proper operation of the motor. The circuit contains NE 555 multi vibrator (8Pin), CD 4017 counter (16 Pin), and Resister green, Capacitor blue and Small diode black. When you momentarily press switch S1, timer 555 (IC1) provides a pulse to decade counter CD 4017 (IC2), which advances its output by one and its high state shifts from Q0 to Q1. When Q1 goes high, the output of IC3 at pin 3 goes low, so the motor starts in clockwise (forward) direction. LED 2 glows to indicate that the motor is running in forward direction. The glowing of LED1 through LED 3 indicates that the motor is in stop. The main purpose of this circuit is to get the reverse and forward speed of any machine.



Mohd Rehan Mehmood Shaikh