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Floating Power Station


In this project, we have introduced the largest floating structure of power station that has been gradually appearing in the waters off developed coastal cities, their presence is largely due to a severe shortage of land. After providing a description of a floating power station and highlighting it’s the causes which affects the floating power station (under certain conditions) over the traditional land reclamation in creating space from the sea and it generate power from all the renewable sources. It is a mobile station. Hence it can be shifted from the natural disasters which are affected by tsunamis, earthquake etc. On full moon and new moon days, the device can be rotated completely for 360 degree in the conditions of high and low tides providing full supply of electricity for 24*7 with the help of renewable sources of energy.



Abhishek Pradipbhai Takoliya, Uchit Kumar Rajeshbhai Korat, Dipen Bharatbhai Rank, Hiren Manharbhai Sadhu


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