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Flex Sensor Based Robotic ARM with Microcontroller


The purpose of making this project is to control the robotic arm with use of Flex sensors. In robotic arm we will use DC motors for controlling purpose. Robotic arm is one of the major projects in today automation industries. Robotic arm is part of the today’s fast growing industries like mechatronic. In this project we have used two DC motors for controlling purpose. But we will try to control hand movement in bi-directional ways using combination of motors.

Robotic Arm is mainly controlled with use of sensors. Sensor plays an important role in robotics. Sensor are used to determine the current state of the system.

Robotic applications demand sensors with high degrees of repeatability, precision, and reliability. Flex sensor is such a device, which accomplish the above task with great degree of accuracy.The pick and place operation of the robotics arm can be efficiently controlled programming.

This designed work is an educational based concept as robotic control is an exciting and      high challenge research work in an recent year.

            This project mainly used for industrial automation, bio-medical-machines, military applications,robotics and construction.




Ghanchi Faizal, ShaikhAsif, Maheswari Rahul,

Rathod Mahipal, Prajapati Jay 


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