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Electronic - Nose : A new artifical olfactory Sensor




Electronic-nose devicrs have recived conciderable attention in the field of sensor technology during  the past twenty years,largely due to the discovery of numerous applications derived from research in diverse fields of applied  sciences.Recent applications of electronic nose technologes have come through advances in sensor design ,material omprovements , software innovations ans progress in micro circuitry design and systems integration . The stages of the recognition processing electronic nose are similar to human olfactory and are performed for identification ,comparison, quantification and other applications.

Electronic noses have provided a plethora of benefits to a variety of commercial industries,including the agricultural, Bio-medical,cosmetics,environmental,food ,manufacturing ,military,pharmaceutical,regulatory,and various scientific research fields.Advances have improved product attributes, uniformity , and consistency along with increase in quality control capabilities afforded by electronic-nose monitoring of all ISSN 2229-5054 International Journal of Drug Formulation & Research. The main  motivation for electronic noses is the development of qualitative,low-cost,real-time, and portable methods to perform reliable,objective ,and reproducible measures of volatile compounds and odors.Electronic nones are comprised of i) chemical sensors that are used to measure smell or flavor .ii) electronic system controls and iii) information processing systems for smell or flavor identification.


Group Members: Gandhi Noopur k. Gheewala jinal A. Patel. Hetal N. Jain Sandhya s Patel vishva s.

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