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The Electro Ride battery powered vehicle is used for Handicapped people. For their easy ride the 3 wheels are at rear end and 1 wheel at front end. By this Electro ride vehicle we can reduce the air pollution and noise pollution. For handicapped person, the Electro ride vehicle is accelerated and powered by hand acceleration, so it is easy to drive for handicapped person. The Electro Ride is a battery operated vehicle, it can also rechargeable. It can easily run on 35 to 40 KMPH speed, it is the softest speed limit for handicapped person.


(Automobile Engineering Sem-4: Vikas Mathukiya, Dinesh Golvani, Yogesh Dangodara, Bhavesh Prajapati, Jalpit Rami, Ruchit Bhatt, Vivek Patoliya, Akash Patel)

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