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Dual Source Bike


The aim of the project is to develop a Dual Source Operated Bike which would be helpful to reduce operating cost as well as pollution to the environment. The basic principle of this bike is to provide battery power operated machine with fuel operated engine. It is made with different features like. This bike can be operated with very less human efforts as if you are using battery operated power supply than you just have to accelerate, no need to change gear and clutch while driving, And the battery boxes are portable so if you are planning for long highway drive than we can easily detach from the bike and vice versa as this bike can be operated by two sources, one with battery and another directly on fuel power.




Nirmit Kamleshbhai Modhiya, Manan Nitinbhai Kalaria, Harsh Dineshbhai Modi, Yash Tarun Bhai Dave, Maunil Pradipkumar Modi, Bimal Jayeshbhai Acharya, Nirav Jayantibhai Sathwara, Pratik Sharadbabu Rana


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