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Copper tube is wounded on the table fan cage. There is an inlet and outlet for the water circulation. The end of the inlet is connected to the small submersible pump and the other end is free in the water source bucket. Now the water starts circulating through the tube and it cools it. As the copper is a good conductor it cools down rapidly the water. Now the air comes through the fan in contact with the tube and it takes the coolness of the water. Thus we get cold air (about 4º to 5ºC). It has simple structure. A small table fan is used for the air. The ice box is used, which contains ice. Now in the fan, it sucks air from the backside and throws it from the front. The air comes from the fan and it comes in contact with the ice and becomes cool like A.C. but the power consumption of this is very low as compare to A.C.

(Mechanical Engineering Alumni: Jaishil Patel, Nipam Joshi, Govind Prajapati)


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