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Latest List of Android Projects for Computer Science and IT Engineering Students


1. Android-based Prescription Viewer Application

This project is an electronic-based prescription format for the doctors. The usage of this application is very simple for the doctors as it allows them to enter patient’s name, drugs’ details, and dosage. Once the details like patient’s postal address and area code are fed into the application, it enables the patient to acquire medicines directly from any pharmacy store. This system also provides a facility to send instructions to the patients.


2. Children Tracking System Using Bluetooth MANET Composed of Android Mobile Terminals

With this application, parents can easily track the whereabouts of their children using Android mobiles. In this system, Android terminals communicate through a Bluetooth MANET. This application also facilitates exchange of information through wireless LAN.


3. Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color and Images by Android

Many people often use text-based passwords for the security of the data stored in their mobiles. However, the use of text-based passwords is prone to dictionary attacks and eavesdropping. This project is proposed to develop high security by implementing passwords as colors and images.


4. Android Suburban Railway Ticketing with GPS as Ticket Checker

This project eliminates the need to stand in queue for buying tickets. This particular system enables any user to buy the suburban railway ticket on the smart phone itself, and also provides a reference code for the ticket. This project uses the GPS system of the smart phone to validate and delete the ticket automatically once the user reaches the destination point.


5. Android System Design and Implementation for Telemetric Services

This application enables integration of Android software with the network management functions and media-oriented system transport technologies to use multiple network access. Telemetrics is an integration of both telecommunication and informatics. This system is applicable for traffic safety, road navigation, remote business, etc.


6. Automatic Brightness Control of the Hand-held Device Display with Low Illumination

This project reduces the need to set up brightness of the smart phone based on the ambient light intensity. In this project, the brightness of a Smart phone is controlled particularly in low illumination places. This application is based on using the image details of the user’s face and its background to estimate the contrast ratio and determine the brightness.


7. Network-Assisted Mobile Computing with Optimal Uplink Query Processing

Depending upon the queries of users, mobile applications often retrieve data from the remote servers. This affects the life of the batteries of the servers due to slow response time from the remote servers, and also due to a large number of queries. This application provides a solution by deploying mid-network systems with leasing capabilities. It helps reduce the consumption of the battery and also improves the performance of the system or response time.


8. A Personalized Mobile Search Engine (PMSE)

This project is different from the conventional search engines as it provides the ease of searching based on user preferences. The user preferences are classified as content concepts and location concepts. The project involves arrangement of user preferences in ontology-based multifaceted user profile for rank adaption purpose.


9. Network Behavior Analysis For Android Malware Detection

Security breaching and malicious attacks are the most common mobile threats that must be reduced to provide security to mobile users. This system detects all of the malware actions by program behaviors. By comparing trace abstractions to reference malicious behaviors, suspicious behaviors can be detected.


10. Distributed Web Systems Performance Forecasting Using Turning Bands Method

This project proposes a method to predict the web performance of the distributed computer systems that are used for networking-based industrial applications. This system is implemented to predict web performance in time and space by making a forecast of web resource downloading using Turning Bands method.


Projects List  IT Students

1.    XML-Based Accretion on Data Extraction

2.    Sheltered Crossing Out Scheme through Protected Data Forwarding in Cloud

3.    Online Job Portal with Exam

4.    Improving RFID System to Read the Tags Efficiently RFID Security

5.    Network Address Translator

6.    SMS Blocker Android Widget Design Document

7.    P-AODY: Extension of AODY for Partially Connected Ad hoc Networks

8.    Effective Payment Transaction and Security-Based Outsourcing Process

9.    Loan Automation System

10.  Intelligent Car Transportation System

11.  Effective Method of Reducing Network Traffic Using Social Network

12.  Train Scheduling and Simulation

13.  Railway Hospital System Using SMS Gateway Communication

14.  Online Cricket Score Website

15.  Employee Profile Management System

16.  Online Passport Registration System

17.  An Improved Company Security Reporting System Using Intrusion Detection Technique

18.  Password Recovery Tool

19.  Semantic Web-Based Application for Adaptive Learning System

20.  Pharmacy Database Management System

21.  A Gossip Protocol for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Environment

22.  Vehicle Speed Detection and Fine Amount Calculation for Controlling Over-Speed Using Data Mining

23.  Computer Telephone Integration

24.  SEO Optimizer and Suggester

25.  Citizen Interaction of Elected Person SMS-based e-Governance Services.

26.  Library Management System

27.  Resource Sharing in Decentralized Type of Wireless Network with Low Latency in Distributed Manner

28.  Inspection and Cost Management Heavy Construction Using M-Commerce System

29.  Online Cloths Shopping Tool

30.  A Proficient Adaptive Gridlock Liberated Using Routing Algorithm in Network

31.  Crash Recovery Mechanism for Distributed Network

32.  Virtual Router

33.  Fast Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Wireless Cellular Networks

34.  Image Editor

35.  Inventory Management System

36.  Remote File Search Using SMS

37.  Online Management and Monitoring System for Training Institute

38.  Advanced Restaurant Management System

39.  Personalizing Web Community Directories Based On Web Usage Data

40.  E-Waste Management

41.  Enhanced Maintenance Architecture in E-Commerce Server

42.  Sales and Invoice Tracking System

43.  Online Blood Bank System

44.  Smart Metering Initiative

45.  Information Based Queries in Mobile Environment

46.  Creation of Exam Results Web Page

47.  Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining

48.  Online Auction System

49.  Web-Based.Net Business Application

50.  Creating Matrimonial Site for Unmarried




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