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Building Material Exhibition


In this exhibition, we are doing display of several building materials used in a construction industry. There are several materials such as different types of soils, aggregates (fine & coarse), steel bars of different diameters, bricks of different class, light weight concrete blocks, and different types of cement. The main aim of this exhibition is to get idea of building materials used in a construction for the non- technical or different areas of peoples. We will give a sort idea about the application, market price, from where it can get easily, etc. 



Satayam Starpayal Iyer, Rahul Shantilal Gangani,

Kusagra Rasheshbhai Jethwa, Prijesh Bharat Bhai Patel,

Parth Arajan Bhai Chotaliya, Chirag Vasani Bhai Chotaliya, Vedant Parag Kumar Mevada,


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