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Videos for Basic Electronic



# Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors#



lec1: Mobility and Conductivity


lec3:Donor and Acceptor Impurities


lec 4 : The Hall Effect


lec2:Electrons and Holes in an Intrinsic Semiconductor


lec1:Diode as a Circuit Element


lec2:Load -Line Concept


# Diode Circuits#



lec 3: Capacitors Filters



#Transistor at Low Frequencies#



lec2:thevenin's theorem


lec1:Graphical Analysis of CE configuration


lec3:Norton's Theorems


lec4:Emitter Follower


lec5:Miller's Theorem


lec6:High Input Resistance Transistor Circuits


lec1:Junction FEt and Pinch-off Voltage


lec2:JFET Volt-Ampere Characteristics


lec4:Digital MOSFET Circuits





# Field Effect Transistors# 



lec5:The FET as a Voltage Variable Resistor



#Energy Bands in Solids#



lec1:Charged Particles and Field Intensity


lec2:Potential Energy


lec3:The eV Unit of Energy


lec4:The Nature of the Atom


lec 5 : The Energy Band Theory in Crystal


lec 6: Insulators, Semiconductors & Metals



# Junction –Diode Characteristics#



lec1:Open-Circuit p-n



lec2: p-n Junctions as Recitifier

lec3: Volt-Ampere characteristic


lec4:Transition Capacitance


lec5 : Tunnel Diode


lec6:Semiconductor Photodiode


lec7:Photovoltaic Effect


lec8 : Light-Emitting Diodes



Transistor Characteristics


lec1 :Junction Transistor


lec2:CB Configuration


lec3: CE Configuration


lec4: CC COnfiguration





# Transistor Biasing and Thermal Stabilization#


lec1:Bias Stability and Self-Bias


lec2:Thermal Runaway 



Power Circuits and Systems


lec1:Push-pull Amplifiers


lec2:Class B Amplifiers


lec 3 : Series voltage Regulator


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