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(a) Thermo-electric Module Car AC



Now days the ac is very useful thing, we cannot lives without it but it also very costly. In car we get ac but it takes more fuel efficiency and also loads on car. By which in future the fuel level will goes down and it harm to nature also. So from this nature also gets harm.

An electrical compressor technique of thermoelectric (TE) based climate control system in passenger vehicles provides solid state design and construction, non-refrigerants and the ability of providing faster time to comfort, beltless solution that enables engine-off air conditioner operation and modified the adversely impact by belt-driven vapor compression air conditioners, improved efficiency of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater systems. A complete scale TE air conditioning module was designed and adjusted to appropriate performance with CAE analyzing approaches, the well designed module proceeded practically constructed and tested on vehicle system to validate the design concept. In the design, system integration and energy management algorithms have been improved to further increase system level efficiency. To analyze the COP and cooling ability of the TE vehicle cooling system, a mathematical model is proposed, and a robust control algorithm is applied. The test results are presented and discussed.



Rushi Patel, Gandhi Devansh, Chopada Kartik 


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