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(a) Save The Water




In this project there are two heater tanks. One is on terrace and other is underground. The water from undergraound tank is filled in upper water tank through water pump. When the water reches to the limit, than switch off the water through buzzers is done. This system can be used for residential area, hospitals, colleges, schools save the water



(b) Wind-mill On Train


In this project when train runs on the railwaytrack the windmill rotates due to wind. As turbine rotates the generator connected to the wind turbin also rotates. Due to rotating of generator the electricity produced. Thtough generated electricity we can start home applices, charge the batteries and supply to the village for removing darkness.







Urvil Patel, Kandarp Patel, Kush  Patel, Akhil Prajapati, Vinit Patel, Sanjay Patni, Sumit Prajapati


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