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(a) Google Hacker



The Google hacker is a windows based project for cyber police and cyber cell. The google hacker uses google special queries to find sensitive information on the web. This  is especially for Cyber Police because of the 4 main sections of this tool. Followings are the sections:

  •  Parameters

  •  A7

  • Sinfo

  •  Stalker



  • Parameters:

The parameters section will be used to find vulnerable parameters of the sites of India only. This will help the Cyber cell to report the site owner to patch the vulnerabilities.

  • A7:

The A7 category hacks into bad management of session which gives direct access to the admin login pages.

  • Sinfo:

This section is used to dig out some sensitive information from the google crafted and special queries like usernames and password also some credit cards.

  • Stalker:

The stalker is used to stalk a suspicious person online. For example if the cyber cell has doubt on some hacker which is hacking notoriously and committing cyber crime’s. This section is used to gather information online. This becomes really helpful to cyber cell that.


This tool is not be publically released because of inappropriate use of this tool may cause a huge damage to random people and misuse of critical information.



(b) Online Vulnerability Scanning & Management


We named this  project as Secure Dose which is uses PHP as it’s base. It scan’s for web application vulnerabilities like Cross-Site-Scripting widely known as “XSS”, SQLi which is SQL Injection and many other vulnerabilities which reveals critical information about the targeted web application. It also sends report in pdf to the user’s Email ID. It 1st crawls the website and then sends request to the parameters and check the response from the server if any error is been generated. If the error is generated then it detects the response error and identifies the vulnerability based on it.


This tool make the scanning and detection much faster and in minimum time the entire website is been crawled and scanned. The total time taken depends on the size of the website and pages it has. The more big the targeted application is the more likely time it’s going to take to complete its entire scanning process.



Online Vulnerability Scanning and Management is strictly used for an authenticated web application only and scanning on any of the web application may cause damage to the server as it sends lots of HTTPrequest to the server may cause to DOS attack and result in unavailability of the resources or even lose of data from the server.



Bhashit Pandya (CE-Sem6)

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