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(a) Bluetooth Driven Car


Several options like Wi-Fi, GSM, and GSM using DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency), Radio Frequency, and Bluetooth are available for controlling device remotely. Each of this method has certain advantages and certain disadvantages. Bluetooth has limited range but also minimum requirements.

Bluetooth is wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances. In our project we had used a Bluetooth HC-05 which is so familiar and cheap. The HC-05 has a frequency of 2.4GHz ISM band. This HC-05 is a class-2 Bluetooth module with serial port profile which can configure as either master or a slave with this we can easily establish connection between MCU and PC to our embedded project.

            Our project is based on controlling the robot using Bluetooth. Using this technique we can easily control a Robot or a Vehicle or any other electrical appliances wirelessly. We can also move Robot to the left, to the right, to the forward and also to the backward. From this we can also turn ON or turn OFF the device with the help of Bluetooth.


According to statistics, 10.5% of accidents on roads happen due to fact that drivers are using mobile phones,so it is very dangerous when while person is using mobile phone while they drive their vehicle .If we develop something that can control this kind of accident then it will be beneficial so, we have develop this project.

By this project we have tried to invent the system of Bluetooth which is named as car Bluetooth system. In which we can do both the things together i.e. driving and calling easily. By this the accidental ratio goes down and driving will not result in accident. Using this project we can control the death ration and serve people a good .By this system we can talk without taking our cell phone, from this the accident ratio goes down and the life saves. It’s easy to use and it works good.

This system connects with car backsides speakers.This circuit system works on 12 voltToday’s RC toys (circa 2006) are controlled by a single dedicated (and often proprietary) controller.  We endeavored to develop a remote control car that would be controlled via Bluetooth wireless technology.  Since Bluetooth is a standardized and relatively reliable wireless protocol, we hoped to create a car controllable by any Bluetooth device.  Additionally, Bluetooth consumes low power and has a larger bandwidth than the standard 900MHz RF link which drives most toys.  This added benefit allows for sending of complex information from the car to the controlling device—something unseen in consumer grade RC cars.  Our computer-controlled Bluetooth car prototype showed the feasibility and practicality of Bluetooth controlled devices, while also revealing limitations in the amount of data transmission capable in commercially available Bluetooth options.


(b) Contactless Petrol Level Indicator


Ultrasonic Waves with Frequency of 40KHz are very useful. A pair of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver is used as transducer. By measuring the time taken by the waves for traveling from Transmitter to the liquid surface to the Receiver, an estimate is made of distances between the transmitter and receiver the distance is estimate as we know the speed of ultrasonic waves.

This technology can be used for measuring wind speed and direction, tank or channel level and speed through air or water. For measuring speed detectors and calculates the speed from the relative distances to particular in the air or water.


This technology is very useful to manage the level of Petrol or Water or any Liquid. In these projects we have indicated different levels of petrol using series connected LED’s. As the petrol level is increasing at that time the LED’s turns ON one by one and when the level is decreasing at that time the LED’s will start turning OFF in reverse manner.




Chirag Patel, Nitin Makwana, Sagar Thakkar,

Syed Md.Faisal (EC-Sem4)

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