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A Multipurpose handcart is a modified version of handcart. The main purpose of our product is to reduce the human effort. To make our handcart very special first we studied the problems faced by handcart holders in their routine life. After our observations we found that they find it difficult to turn handcart, they also need to stop their handcart immediately sometimes. In case of rainy season they require shade.


So, we developed a special hand cart as per their requirements. We are trying to design a special mechanism for turning, a special adjustable shade, inbuilt lighting system, special foldable sitting arrangement for multipurpose business. We are trying to incorporate an additional feature so that it can be dragged by any two wheeler.



It will consists of following features in the final product:


  • Braking System.

  • Asthetic Look.

  • Turning Mechanism.

  • Adjustable / Folding Shade.

  • Special Sitting Arrangement provision in the design

  • Provision in the design for Lighting System

  • Special Hook Arrangenent To Join With Two Wheelers.

  • Extra Storage Capacity.

  • Dustbin Arrangement


So, it is not just a handcart. It is the ‘MULTIPURPOSE HANDCART’.

Student name 

Name of student : Divya Shah

Contact Number : 76003 44874


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