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As The Name Of The Project (diy Wheelchair) Suggests This Wheelchair Is Self-constructible. There Are Different Types Of Wheelchair Available In The Market But This Wheelchair Is Very Different From Those Based On Design As Well As Application. It Has Basically Two Main Applications As We Know That The Handicap People Are Always Neglected In Terms Of Sports And Other Physical Activities This Wheelchair Provides Them An Opportunity To Eliminate This Difficulty And Take Part In Daily Activities. Apart From This It Is Completely Detachable And Easily Portable. The Parts Are Easily Detachable So It Can Be Carried Easily Anywhere. It Is Also Very Light In Weight Due To The Use Of Mdf (medium Density Fiber) Material In Its Frame And Other Body Work. Other Parts Are Like Supporting Frame Is Made Of Aluminum Which Reduces The Entire Weight Of The Device. In This Type Of Wheel Chair Both The Wheels Of The Wheelchair Are Inclined At A Certain Angle Which Is Customizable; This Inclination Of The Wheel Provides It High Speed So That It Can Be Used For Sports Purpose. Our Basic Motto To Manufacture This Kind Of Wheel Chair Is To Teach Each Handicap Person To Make His Own Wheel Chair For Himself By Providing Them The Complete Steps And Dimensions To Manufacture It. The design was created and contributed by Fabrizio Allessio, Italian designer and free lancer.

Name of Student : Vishrut Bhatt

Contact Number : 8866360052

Institute : LJ Polytechnic

Name of Student : Sumanth Mudaliar

Contact Number : 8905926671

Institute : LJ Polytechnic

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