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Stroke Hydrogen - Petrol Engine





Energy Sector Is Presently Facing Two Major Problems-Future Energy Crisis And Environmental Degradation.To Combat the Above Mentioned Difficulties, use of Hydrogen Gas Has been considered as the best alternative to Gasoline In case of si Engine .Automobile Exhaust Pollution Has Considerable Contribution In Today's Overall pollution levels.


The Best Suitable Alternative Fuels Such  As Hydrogen reduces Critical pollution Levels.Hydrogen Combustion produces Very Clean Exhaust due To Its Desirable Characteristics. When Hydrogen Works on Various Si Engines At various Parametric Levels It Reduces Pollution Levels Drastically Compared to That of Si Engine Which Runs Purely On Petrol.Hydrogen Burning lowers The HC,Co,CO2 And NOX Levels.Its's Possible to control Hydrogen Supply precisely . the Work Made on performance and Emission Behavior of Hydrogen Fuelled Si Engine and it's Safe for use.


Group Members: Sanket H Aalagiya

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