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Quick pick is the device which can be used to collect the balls spread over the tennis court. As the name suggests it quickly collects the ball without much hassle. At present, balls are picked up by hands from the court and the person who collects has to keep a bucket with him to keep the balls. To use this machine we just have to push the machine like conventional grass cutter and wheels move in forward direction which drives the belt and it will drag the ball to the bucket with a slope attached with it. Its working can be more understood by line diagram given below. We found that machines available in foreign countries having same application but uniqueness of our machine is there is no consumption of electricity which reduces its day to day maintenance and its manufacturing cost can be reduced. The product has been developed under Project to Product initiative of LJ Group of Institutes. The complete prototype funding has been provided by LJ.

Student name 

Name: Het Pandya

Contact number: 8128965926

Institute: L J Polytechnic

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