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This project focused on developing a remotely operated system. The QUADCOPTER is controlled through graphical user interface (GUI). The QUADCOPTER balancing condition is sensed by FY90 controller and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) 9DOF sensor.     

All QUADCOPTER signals from sensors are processed by ARDUINO microcontroller board. Output from ARDUINO microcontroller board is used to control QUADCOPTER motors. QUADCOPTER can accept load disturbance up to 250g during it hover condition. Maximum operated time of QUADCOPTER is six minutes using 2200mAh LIPO battery and operate time can be increase by using largest battery capacity.

This project mainly used for State of the art research, Military application, Search and Rescue application, Homeland security application,  Multimedia and Broadcasting, Commercial applications, Traffic control management.



Keyur Chawada, Arora Darshil


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