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NNBD (Negative Neutral Beam Development)


NNBD (Negative neutral beam development) is a research community in IPR (Institute for Plasma Research) involved in development of high energy neutral beams for heating the plasma in order to achieve fusion temperatures in magnetic confinement reactors called as tokamak. It includes three research set ups- 1 Robin: 1R driver, 100kw power, IMHz-ve ion source 2] Twin source: 2 RF driver, 200kw power, IMHz-ve ion source. 3] INTF:8RF driver, 800kw power, beam duration-3600s. These systems are operated by indigenous developed Data Acquisition a and Control system (DACS).These facilities operate in pulsed mode in which they operate for a fixed duration. .The data acquired for each of this experimental pulses (or shots) is stored separately. A huge amount of database will be generated from these facilities which is a an important asset for the research community. The aim of this research work is to initially take the all these database and develop a prototype facility with a mature user interface which facilitates post data analysis, data visualization and also decide an appropriate database for storing the generated data and then develop program for data retrieval as per user requirements. This facility must also include a secure web based data access facility- to facilitate the data access to any other experimentalist from remote location for analysis purpose




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